• 3-Axis Heavy Duty CNC Gear Hobbing Machine
  • Rebuilt in  July 2021
  • Siemens 808D Advance Controller
  • Suitable for Spur, Helical Crowning & slightly tapered gears
Machine Id: 989 Serial No:
Model: WF 280 CNC (Rebuilt July 2021) Asking Price: onrequest
Make: Hurth CNC Country: Germany
Year: Weight: 0.0
Dimensions: Location: Mumbai India...Under Power
Category: Gear Hobbers CNC
Type of Machine: CNC High speed Heavy Duty Universal Gear Hobbing Machine

 *3-Axis Heavy Duty CNC Gear Hobbing Machine

*Rebuilt in July 2021

*Siemens 808D Advance Controller

*Suitable for Spur, Helical Crowning & slightly tapered gears

Type of machine :- 3 Axis Gear Hobbing Machine - Vertical

3-Axis CNC Controlled with Siemens 808D Advance (brand new July 2021)

workpiece dia. 280 mm
module 6
The gear hobbing machine HURTH WF 280 is characterized by high productivity, a stationary table, and an operating convenience.
Scales are mounted on all movable slides showing each position analog. That abbreviates set up times for repetitive operations. Hydraulic clamping devices for column,
head and shift slide provide high hobbing accuracy. When changing the work piece manually or changing the hob cutter, such features grant a considerable time reduction.
The electronic distance sensor (Linotast) takes over the exact positioning and constant cutting depth by using a hydro-cylinder with linear amplifier.

work piece

Max. Workpiece –Ø (under specific circumstances)280 mm (330 mm)

Max. module 6

Max. hob face width for spur gears 250 mm

Min. number of teeth 6

Helix angle = facing head pivoting angle +50° /- 45°

Working area

Min./max. distance between cutter and table 25 / 260 mm

Cutting depth adjustment with Linotast 0 /25 mm

Min. /max. distance work piece table – cutting axis 200 / 450 mm

Max. travel of hob slide 250 mm

Min. / max. distance between table and steady 350 / 650 mm

Max. travel of steady 300 mm

Work piece table- Ø 250 mm

Table bore- Ø (Ø x depth) 100 x 315 mm

Max. travel of shifting slide (Z-travel) 170 mm


Max. cutter- Ø145 mm

Max. cutter length 220 mm

cutter bore or clamping arbor- Ø 32,40

Taper of cutter spindle ISA 40

Cutter spindle rpm 31-560 rpm

RPM and Feeds
Max. table rotation 1 step drive 25 rpm

2 step drive 50 rpm

Rapid travel (X-way)1800 mm / min.

Rapid travel (Y-way) 8100 mm / min.

Feed in Y- direction (with change gears) 0,5 – 8,0 mm / WR

Shifting speed in Z-direction 72,5 mm / min.

Electric /Space required/Weight Power required

28 kW, 380 V 50 Hz Space required, approx. 4,8 x 3,0 x 2,5 m
Weight of the machine, approx. 9000 kg

Additional information:

Complete with change gears

Complete with handbooks and machine manuals
Fully rebuilt with new 2021 YOM
Siemens 808D Advance, Digital drives and AC servo motors

CNC Controlled Axis X and Z + hob shifting PLC based
Free standing Electrical Cabinet fitted.

Suitable for Spur , Helical , Crowning & slightly tapered gears both for both and heavy production of components

Machine Features:


Hydraulic Clamping & Tailstock ,
Automatic Hob shift
Full change gear set
Two copies of the machine operators manual
Two copies of all electrical and mechanical prints
Can be tooled up to customers as per customers requirement at extra cost
Machine is ready for immediate delivery subject to prior sale.

The Advantages of New Siemens 808D Advance System are as below:-

The benefits are as per below.

1. It is close loop system so positioning accuracy of axis is far better.
2. It has Auto servo tuning (AST) facility so that load can be tuned with servo motor for better performance with torque.

3. It has Direct servo control (DSC) by Drive Bus communication so that drives can perform better with controller commands.
4. It has friction compensation facility.
5. Servo motors available up to 40Nm whereas in 808D it was only 4,7,10Nm only.(e.g. for Z-axis we used 15Nm

6. Absolute encoder available with Servo motor so that referencing is not required (like 828D)

7. It has Ethernet communication port so that PLC and Data Upload/Download is much faster.
8. It has Ethernet Interface so that it can be monitored remotely (like 828D) for

a. Transfer of Part program, user cycles, Machine data, R-parameter, PLC data, HMI data etc..
b. PLC Logic can be monitored
c. PLC upload/download
d. Part program send/receive
e. Execute part program
f. Screen shots can be taken.