The Beauty Of This Machine Is That it Doesnot Require Any Base Circle Disc.
Under Power, Component Trial Possible.

Machine Id: 861 Serial No:
Model: sp 60 Asking Price: onrequest
Make: maag Country: Switzerland
Year: Weight: 0.0
Dimensions: 1880x1300x1970mm Location: Mumbai India...Under Power
Category: Gear Testers
Type of Machine: gear tester / lead & involute measuringwithout base circle disc

Please see Working Video To See 2008 Rebuilt Machine Under Power. 


Please click online on links to see machines underpower




Video Number 1




Video Number 2


This Machine Is Completly Rebuilt & Installed With Brand New Software from Prime Technology India .


This Machine  Can be Inspected Under Power, All Dimensions of componet Can be Tested & Print Out Shall Be Taken out.




The Photo Of The Machine Is At Actuals & Is Testing A Component after Rebuilding & Installing Brand New Software System, Probs etc.




Tailstock type SPA-F-65/75.


Excellent condition Various accessories.


Maximum/Minimum base circle diameter 600/25mm




Maximum Module 20 Minimum Module 1




Maximum Generative cross travel 400m




Maximum Tip circle diameter 650mm




Max.Pinion Shaft diameter at max. height between centre 370mm




Maximum tracable facewidth at helix angle Zero Deg 150mm , at 60 deg angle 75mm




Maximum Pinion Shaft length 750mm




Maximum Permissible gear weight 500kg



This Particular Maag Model :- SP 60 does not use base circle disc.

Gear diameter (mm) 600

Gearwheel width (mm) 600